To participate in Erasmus+ activities organisations must register for an EU Login and receive a 9-digit Participant Identification Code (PIC).

Each organisation should use only one PIC code. To check if a PIC number has already been created for your organisation, or use the following search tool:

For information on how to create an ECAS account and get PIC, watch the video:

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The registration status of the PIC can be either DECLARED, SLEEPING or VALIDATED.
When you register, you automatically get a DECLARED PIC number. This is enough to apply. If your application is funded, the information provided during the registration of your organization must be confirmed before signing the grant agreement and your PIC will receive a VALIDATED status.
If the organization does not provide the necessary documents after a request from the portal administrators, the PIC can become SLEEPING.


The LEAR, Legal Entity Appointed Representative, is a person within an organisation appointed by a legal signatory of that legal entity to be the correspondent towards the Commission / Executive Agency on all issues related to the legal status of the entity. The LEAR role, which can be performed by an administrative staff member in the organisation's central administration, is key: once validated by the Commission, the LEAR will be authorised to:

  • manage the legal and financial information about the organisation
    manage access rights of persons in the organisation (but not at the project level)
  • appoint representatives of the organisation to electronically sign grant
  • agreements ('Legal Signatories' - LSIGN) or financial statements ('Financial Signatories' - FSIGN) via the Funding & Tenders Portal

NB. When changing LEAR, you need to make the necessary changes to the portal. It is advised to include the LEAR login and password on the Employee Departure Checklist in the event the LEAR leaves your organization.

Detailed instruction on the appointment of LEAR  
Frequently Asked Questions

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